Zro Bank launches card that distributes Bitcoin in retroactive cashback program

A new feature presented by the digital bank allows you to request a refund of cryptomites until January 31, 2020.

Zro Bank launches card that distributes Bitcoin in retroactive cashback program

Fintech Zro Bank has launched a card with cashback in Bitcoin for debit purchases. According to TI Bahia, this is the first card of its kind to use cash back through cryptomoedas with retroactive effect for cash purchases.

In total, users should receive 0.5% of the value of the purchase made in debit with the cashback program offered by the Zro Bank card. According to the regulation of the ‘cash back’ promotion, the benefit will be valid for purchases in the debit above R$ 10.

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Available to all Zro Bank customers, the Bitcoin cashback program aims to offer benefits to new and old users of digital banking. With retroactive effect, it will be possible to redeem 0.5% of old purchases that will be transformed into cryptomoedas.

Bitcoin cashback

Zro Bank digital bank has launched a cashback program that intends to return 0.5% of purchases made with the platform’s debit card. In this way, users should receive cryptomoedas for free just for using the debit card for purchases.

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Valid only for debit purchases, Zro Bank’s cashback program reverses part of users’ balance purchases in Bitcoin. With the amount delivered by the digital bank in BTC, users can make new purchases or simply save the balance in cryptomain in the bank itself.

In an interview, Edisio Pereira Neto, CEO of Zro Bank, comments on the rise of cryptomaps like Bitcoin worldwide. According to him, the digital bank is the leader in the segment that offers a multiple account, where it is possible to use money and cryptomoins.

“We see a worldwide movement in which cryptomoins are becoming more and more popular, with bitcoin being the first and best known. We lead the Brazilian financial system by offering a bitcoin account, with automatic conversion for purchases via debit card and no cost of custody or withdrawal”.

Retroactive program

Although Bitcoin cashback programs are not considered a novelty in the market, Zro Bank’s promotion is the first to offer ‘money back’ retroactively.

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That is, with the digital bank card it will be possible to receive cashback in Bitcoin even for purchases made in early 2020. According to the program, the offer is available for purchases from January 31st.

When talking about the novelty of cashback in Bitcoin retroactive, the CEO of Zro Bank highlights that it is necessary to stimulate the adoption of cryptomoedas, especially in payments with debit cards.

“At this time when bitcoin has been beating historical highs in dollar and in real, we want to stimulate new experiences of use with cryptomoeda”.